Our Spanish programs consist of:

Upon registration the student take a aptitude exam which will be used to place him/her in one of three levels: Level One (beginners), Level Two (Indeterminate), Level Three (Advance Conversational).

First Month
  • Students learn – alphabet, phonetics, pronouns, verbs, 1000 vocabulary words.
  • Students dominate reading, writing in present and past tenses with questions and idiomatic expressions.

Second Month
  • Students learn to speak read and write using adverbs and Adjectives in present continuous and perfect tenses.
  • Students dominate more common expressions singular and plurals.

Third Month
  • Students are speaking in groups using questions and answers concerning different topics.
  • Students dominate expressions to indicate what they need to purchase, to command, to advise, to express situations in life and to speak about their experience.

Conclusion!Students are evaluated by presenting written and oral exams. In order to advance into the next level, students must pass the exams.

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